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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 17, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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news at noon on your side. >> new developments this noon surrounded the man who leaked details of a secret and as a spy program. edward snowden has been hiding ever since the revelations came out. reportedly, in hong kong. but this morning, he answered questions from people all over the world. >> live on the guardians website this morning, edward snowden answered questions. the nsa was a blower was asked about a number of things, including nsa access, the number of documents and content of communications the nsc -- the nsa can see. "all i can say right now it that the u.s. government is not going to be able to cover this up by dealing were murdering me. the trick is coming and it cannot be stopped." he says more is coming, but when
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on to explain that they have something -- access to something they can agree about something, anything they want. -- they can ask about anything they want. while his whereabouts remain fled to snowden said he hong kong because the u.s. destroyed the possibility of anything like a fair trial. the guardian website warned that at his responses would be subject to having secured internet connection. >> thank you. facebook and microsoft in disclosing how much data is requested by law
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enforcement. apple says it received some 5000 requests for information during the first five months of this year. most requests came from police investigating robbery's and missing persons cases. and added, all requests had to have a court order. that no maintain government agency has access to its servers. new poll numbers are telling a different story. president obama is in northern ireland for the g-8 summit. as he tackles the number of issues, his approval rating is the lowest it has been in years. only 45% believe the president is doing a good job of handling controversies. this in the midst of the tyra scandal,-- the irs issues with conservative groups,
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etc. and the u.s. supreme court has ruled on a controversial law and arizona peter should voters have to show proof of citizenship when they had to the polls? in arizona. should voters have to show proof of citizenship when they had to the polls? >> the kottkamp -- the court voted 7-2 against arizona's requirement. that would be a need to show citizenship before using a federal wet -- registration system to vote. not stop non-ill americans from voting, but beonents argued it would difficult for immigrants. 12 other states are looking into similar legislation.
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on other no decision big cases, like same-sex marriage, affirmative action, or voting rights. the next chance we may seek a ruling on those is thursday at 10:00 a.m. >> the fbi added two new names to its most wanted list today. the first edition is jose guevara. he is wanted for rape and murder in louisiana. the second name is walter lee williams. you can see the pictures right there. the 4099 and 500 names added to the list since it was created in 1950. let's lighten things up right now. another muggy day outside. jackie is here to take a look at the forecast.
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>> not all of us are going to get wet today. and maybe awers thunderstorm in there. best chance will be south of the metro area. thisshowers tracking early morning across central virginia and southern maryland. new developments into western maryland. take a look at a time lapse from woodbridge, virginia. a couple of breaks in the clouds here and there. maybe a sprinkled here and there as well. you allel map will show ands in the mid-atlantic the south. the potential for rain will be from dallas and stretching across toward atlanta.
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more possibility of showers in our evening hours. drying up overnight. and then went and sticky on tuesday and wednesday. >> we are following a developing story out of southwest d.c. this morning. police are investigating a double shooting. john gonzales reports. victims, the shooting this 20-year-old man, was shot in the face, and it appears he may have also been wounded in the upper left leg. a 17-year-old girl was all to vote -- was also shot multiple times in both legs. optimistic that things will get better. >> people tell us there were a lot of gunshots just before 2:00 a.m. this morning. yellow crime tape is one of the sign something that happened here. a bullet pierced his windshield
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ended up lodge in the car. >> we heard multiple gun shops. -- gunshots. >> if you ask around, some would say it is a turf war in the neighborhood, a neighborhood that is trying to bounce back. just hope it does not happen again. >> a bullet hole in another window tells you violent crime is a major problem. and those who live here admitted has been a way of life for too long. directly across the street, a number of new townhomes are up and now selling. residents are saying they're trying to change the image of the in -- of the neighborhood, but it is incidences' like these that keep them on edge. >> i was walking when it happened. i was just trying to get out. police havernoon,
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no motives, no arrests, searching for a getaway car. both victims remain in serious condition. >> two people suspected of setting dozens of fires on virginia's eastern shore are in court today. charles smith and honeybun are both charged with arson and conspiracy -- and tonya london are charged with arson and conspiracy to commit arson. court documents show that he told investigators he torched 52 and occupied buildings. set fire to 15. teacher raises could be on hold. cost of living adjustments could take a -- take effect
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banks but and salary increases could start next year. they're still negotiating. and if i caught on camera. -- a frightening event caught on camera. 30 people are forced to swim after a tour takes a bizarre turn. >> google has a brand new way internet.ou the and flames continued to spread in the wild fire. jackie has the full forecast
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>> you are watching abc7 news at noon on your side. >> firefighters say the worst wildfire in colorado history is now about 55% contained. hundreds of homes have already been destroyed, though. also on high are alert. >> the flames are still tearing through homes in colorado. and investigators are working to figure out the cries as
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firefighters say they are making progress battling the fire. it is the worst wildfire in the state's history. it has already claimed two lives and destroyed nearly 500 homes. despite yesterday's rainfall that helped to partially contain the flames, the disaster is still too small loring to allow some evacuees back in to see their homes. >> those who lost their homes, they will hit bottom again when they see there's for the first time. >> for some, it has been an anxiety filled weekend that lined up outside the evacuation zone, hoping to find out if there's is one of the houses like this, spirit from the random wind pattern. >> miners have been on edge for two days and it will probably not change until they say it is contained. >> it is a notion shared by california residence where wild
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fires sparked overnight. this one was burning out of control and forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents waiting to go back home. have beene evacuees allowed to return and the houses they found standing amongst the destruction left them speechless. crispus we know we are so lucky. -- >> we know we are so lucky. >> and a heartbreaking story for one, run a family hold up in him -- in a hotel. they were forced to evacuate. that is when they watched their home burning on live television. saw the house go up in flames. they also saw an american flag on fire, which belonged to his late father, a navy colonel. >> are other stuff, that means nothing. that is what we buy insurance for. but it is the things that represent our family's heritage.
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future,do have a bright though, through their newborn grandson. even just talking about the baby makes their emotional stress away for awhile. heartbreaking. imagine watching your home burn on television. things you just cannot replace. fireproof boxes, right? keep them under your bed. >> we have a surplus of rain here. -- at the the dp dewpoint, 70 degrees. most people start to feel uncomfortable when it is about 63, 65.
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being at 70 is quite high. you may feel like you're melting like the wicked witch of the west when you walk outside this afternoon. this hour had dallas. culpepper a little warmer at 84 degrees. maybe a couple of sprinkles in hagerstown where the temperature is 81. up to 87 degrees yesterday. hour rainfall departure is up about half an inch. we do not really need any more rain, but things will be active and the next update. there is a front approaching our area. we will get these little pulses of energy to trigger shot -- showers and thundershowers. have a greater chance of
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widespread rain tomorrow. but will be very moist and muggy, but the sunshine will be rather limited for today. a lot of the rain has been across parts of the deep south, moving through parts of georgia and into the carolinas. and secondly across the midsection of the country. caribbean its receiving rain. if this storm moves through the bay of quinte p.g. later tomorrow, we could see that thensified for potentially second main storm of the season. that would be very -- barry. chance ofbetter widely scattered showers or thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon into wednesday
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morning. then we will have a better end of the week. today, partly sunny skies and a few showers or thunderstorms. temperatures between 85 to 90. 65-70t, mostly cloudy and degrees. tomorrow, a 50% chance of rain with partly sunny skies. wednesday morning, some rain, but then wednesday afternoon, looking good. >> cannot wait for that. moneyall heard the same is the root of all evil. does it really stand out? coming up, a new study that sheds some light on what happens to our brain
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>> more than 30 people had to swim for their lives after their tour bus sank in liverpool, england. the spy operators said stamm was a typical end to any sightseeing tour. after the accident, the bus company is now under scrutiny from several agencies. 18 people had to be taken to
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hospital, most treated for shock. everybody needed off without any serious injuries and all have been discharged. still, scary. google has a plan to take its internet service literally to new heights. a new project is aimed at making the internet readily accessible for underdeveloped areas by bringing it down from the stratosphere. aboutalloon would float 12 miles above the earth's surface and would provide 20 -- wireless internet for a 24-mile radius. trex these are for the holmstedt -- >> these are for the homes that cannot access the internet. when you think about this project and what they're doing it in places where we can lean on the internet, it will take place around the world. >> they will launch two dozen balloons this week for testing.
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>> a couple of showers popping up on super doppler 7 right around and in dail. they're moving south east toward the district.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant is known amongst her friends as the human tip calculator. from houston, texas, please welcome minal shah. hey, minal. >> hi. [cheers and applause]


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